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Obsessive Corbuzier Diet

To have a lean body is a dream of many, both males and females. Many diets are designed by nutritionist with the specific calories calculation, combined with precise workout schedule. The latest diet craze in Indonesia is a unique diet called Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet, or OCD. Developed by Indonesia’s popular but overweight (then) illusionist Deddy Corbuzier, this diet type has been the talk across Indonesia. He claimed that he could get his dream fat-free and toned body in a short period of three months! Let’s take a look at some of his diet tips

No food before midday or maybe just don’t eat at all

Many research has suggested that that no breakfast will boost weight gain but the controversial OCD suggested otherwise. In OCD, you should forgo breakfast which, according to the originator, is better than skipping dinner. Other than skipping breakfast, OCD followers should fast for 16, 18 or up to 24 hours. This must be done gradually so as not cause harm to the body. The fast is to remove all food and drinks intake except for plain water. If done right, fasting could be the key to muscle-building and youthful look, he claims.

Eat everything (Note: junk food allowed)

While most diets put a restriction what to eat and what not to consume (i.e. bland “healthy” food), OCD encourages you to eat everything, including fatty and artery-clogging junk food. He claims that all types of food are good but it will be better if we eat healthy food and it is alright to cheat and indulge once in a while.

Exercise even though are fasting

Muscle building is easier when we fast. In fact, it is recommended to exercise when the stomach is empty or during fasting. Other than that, OCD suggests that followers should not just perform normal routine cardio exercises. OCD has a special workout called O7W, a re-branded High Intensity Interval Training. This alternating circuit of cardio and strength exercise can be done within 7 minutes and it will force your energy and stamina.

Cholesterol is your new best friend

If this diet is not filled with enough controversy and outrage by nutritionists, Corbuzier says that cholesterol is not the cause of death. In fact, the higher the cholesterol, the longer you are going to live. Also, he claims that cholesterol-laden food can be more beneficial and maximise the result. OCD is certainly not conventional but controversial. For those who are interested, you can get more information on his website where he explains more about his diet and reasons. While this diet may work for him, we advice that everyone should seek professional opinion before starting a new diet regime.

What do you think about this latest diet craze? Will it work or just a fat?